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Give your team the skills they need to be successful

Have your employees ever gotten frustrated or behind schedule due to an unresponsive website developer or agency? You’re not the only one with this concern. Does your sales department consider your company website a valuable asset in closing sales? Too many teams lack internal command of the company website, which affects your bottom line. This lack of control means your staff may have to wait days (or even weeks) to implement changes or new campaigns.

With our corporate WordPress training, LetsKonet Agency can help you remove the middle man and give your team control over updates. Each of your team members will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to run, maintain, and update your company website–all without having to deal with poor communication from third parties.

Do you need one or more of your staff available to manage and update your company website? If so, in-person corporate WordPress training with LetsKonet Agency will give your team the skills they need to be successful with this responsibility. Our Smart TeamKonet will meet with your staff as a group to teach them basic to advanced WordPress–customized for their specific needs and goals. This training is perfect for In-house marketing teams, IT department and a group of key staff members

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Step 1:  Let’s talk about your goals
Before we begin, we’ll discuss your goals and website challenges. Understanding what you want to accomplish helps us customize your company’s WordPress training to your unique needs. This is also a great time to ask any additional questions you have about the process. Some of your questions are answered here: frequently asked questions about WordPress training »
Step 2:  Schedule the training
We’ll find the perfect times for your staff to get together for training. Once that’s settled, we will arrange for payment. After payment, expect to receive some valuable resources based on your company’s unique goals to prepare you for the training.
Step 3:  Put it into action
During corporate WordPress training, we walk through your company website. First, we’ll identify the items that are common to every WordPress website. Then, we’ll get into the unique challenges and structure of your company website. We will determine what is really possible with your website. And, we will look at workarounds for dealing with difficult areas of the website. Show up prepared to get involved, take notes and absorb a lot! Our interactive teaching style will equip your team with exactly what they need to make informed decisions and work with confidence.

What to expect during WordPress training?

If you want your team to sit through a lengthy PowerPoint presentation and generic handouts, this probably isn’t what you want. LetsKonet Agency provides your staff with an interactive, hands-on experience every step of the way.

  • Get access to resources for a stronger foundation and preparation.
  • Your team gets two customized training sessions (4 hours per session).
  • Receive an additional 3 months of on-going email and phone support after the class.

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Our Smart TeamKonet is ever ready to offer their expertise and services to see your business achieve its goals.



  • What is WordPress
  • Domains and Hosting
  • Dashboard
  • Toolbar
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Understanding the difference between posts and pages
  • Images and other media in pages and posts
  • Adding HTML links
  • Creating a new post
  • Advanced text formatting in a new post
  • Creating and managing links
  • Adding images, video, and audio from external sources
  • Adding categories, tags, post formats, excerpts, and other elements
  • Managing post categories and tags
  • Users – Adding deleting, editing
  • Keeping site Updated – WordPress
  • Keeping site Updated – plugins and themes
  • Theme Customisation
  • Widgets
  • Menu – adding items.

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