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We provide IT support, technology consulting, compliance & IT security consulting and digital marketing services.

We offer a variety of support options designed to keep your business running smoothly and to make sure you can get help when you need it. We will help you to create the best business model and the software solution for your company. Our consultants are agile and specialize in timely response to on-the-job challenges which mostly affect productivity. We’ll help you solve your current business problems and work with you to find ways to use technology to improve your business. We will create a best scalable solution for your company that looks amazing and yet is simple to use.

As a client you simply can’t know everything about something that’s not your core business.

Our project & consultancy services are intended for those clients who require some strategic, technical or operational expertise in order to help them best leverage their investment in, or utilisation of, their IT.
We take great satisfaction in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes plan & launch (or rethink) their online marketing strategy. TeamKonet works closely with our clients, getting to know their business, providing expert, impartial advice and designing robust, cost-effective IT solutions around their needs. We can be relied upon to deliver your IT project on time and on budget. As well as creating a future-proof IT strategy and offering advice, we will ensure effective management, implementation, deployment, and administration of your IT systems.


We Invest In Your Successful Future Today

Choosing a Digital Consultancy Agency can be a difficult process but at GroupKonet we aim to make this process as easy as possible. We’ve offered wide range of digital consultancy services for years, each tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Most businesses that we work with will already have an idea of the consulting services that they need but our job is to make sure that we focus on a service that’ll get you results. Our Consultancy Services Include:


IT Procurement

We offer a consultative approach that provides you with completely impartial advice, and then follow that up with a seamless, fully business aligned and cost-effective procurement service that ensures that you get the technology that you need on time and on budget.

We can procure a full range of IT products for you, including, but not limited to:

  • Server and Storage Equipment and Software.
  • Workstations and Mobile Devices.
  • Network Equipment and Software.
  • Security Software & third-party applications.
  • Communication Equipment and Software.

Repairs & Upgrades

We offer several services for the repair and upgrades of clients’ computers. Some computer hardware issues require comprehensive procedures to establish and solve. We have a team of IT experts who assesses copter and network equipment to locate a problem. We apply a set of tests to achieve proper identification of a problem. We repair or recommend an upgrade on some components of the system based on the damage. We repair and upgrade most major brands of servers, laptops, desktops, printers, among other IT equipment. We have procedures in place to deliver parts within 24 hours after a case has been reported. We carry out the service as quickly as possible to avoid interruptions on other areas of your business.

Digital Consultancy

Any business, regardless of its subject matter, requires well-planned preparation. This requirement is based on the market features, because any business exists in a highly competitive environment. The best option for successful strategy implementation is the digital consulting services. Digital marketing deals not only with website and emails, this concept is much broader. Apps, social networks, instant messengers, etc. can become your digital channels. Thus, this kind of promotion is broader and more productive, as it allows you to reach out to vast audience.

Data Security & Recovery

Your data is your most valuable business asset. It is imperative that you keep it secure and protected at all times.
Data breaches are becoming all too common in today’s data-centric world.  As your organization’s data grows exponentially, ensuring continued business success means protecting your business-critical data from data leaks or data loss.
We offer data security services that can solve many of your data security challenges. Our data security experts can help you discover, identify and protect and monitor services for your most sensitive data wherever it resides.

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Why Choose Us...

Our digital consulting firm has successfully completed dozens of projects where we implemented complex digital strategies. Other advantages of this solution include:
  • Expertism
    Instructive digital transformation consulting company offers the services of talented developers who are well-versed in the subtleties of modern marketing.
  • Strategy & Solutions
    We can help you to answer some crucial questions regarding the business strategy, target user audience and key features that should be included in your product.
  • Impart Skills
    We suggest the right things for our clients, offering training solutions are designed to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills.
  • Proposal Evaluation
    We deliver every point of every proposal, doing the work right
  • Completion
    The client receives a fully completed project aimed at achieving specific goals and implemented competently.
  • Timeliness
    The strategy is implemented exactly on time and meets the requirements of customers.

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